I am a senior doing an affiliated degree   program (Bachelors of Science in Business Administration) from University at Buffalo at Singapore Institute of Management. Besides, this is my communication blog where I will be holding discussions on varies current issues related to concepts learned in class.  I hope for all of you to participate and contribute your thoughts and share great ideas in my weekly discussions by posting your comments. Your ideas and thoughts are much appreciated 🙂

  1. Jaspreet Singh Narula says:

    Your blogs are really interesting and up to date.For a student who is on her final year,i must say spot on for keeping up to date with the world today.And i will definitely keep up with all your blogs and post comments.All the best

  2. Joanna says:

    Hi, very interesting blog. I’m seeking to enroll at SIM for BA, and would like to ask what was your experience like with UB. Do you feel it is a cutting edge programme and is it a good investment ?

    • soni1220 says:

      Hi Joanne, thanks for the comment appreciate it!
      Well regarding UB, yes it is a good program indeed..is it worth the money? I would think so! but why dont u try for SMU or NUS? unless u solely want an American degree? The program itself is good no doubt, but the facilities on campus is limited:) But all in all, a good place to be!
      hope that helps…:)

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